I Luv Candy 2 eliminates the worry!  Our comprehensive and careful selections of candy and their packaging are free of the top allergens, and our website clearly lists the ingredients in each product so that you get delicious candy without the stress.  (We carry a few products that contain gluten, dairy or coconut – these products are clearly marked on our website.)

I Luv Candy 2 provides individuals and organizations worry-free gift-giving candy options to ensure that all recipients are able to enjoy a fun and delicious candy treat!

Having a child with life-threatening food allergies makes you see the world differently. After my oldest was diagnosed with food allergies, dangers suddenly lurked in all corners of our everyday lives. The most basic life staple – food – had to be scrutinized constantly. As my child got older, activities outside the home, such as playdates, birthday parties, traveling, and even attending school became more complicated and required advance preparation and multiple questions to ensure her safety. Before becoming a mother, I spent twelve years as an educator and five years running my own business. The educator in me wanted to educate as many people as possible about food allergies, and advocate for children like my daughter.

The businesswoman in me saw a need that was not being met, eliminating the worry so that anyone can participate in the most basic of lifelong pleasures – candy.  I wanted candy to be safe, and for everyone to be able to enjoy a candy treat. Just like that, the passion for I Luv Candy 2 was born.


Owner and Concerned Mom